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Fun time

... at local stores

Work out with Stephanie:

I have yet to embarass myself worse than the time I found this T-Shirt. I bursted out laughing in the middle of the store, holding on to a closeracket and not being able to stop for 3 minutes.
Beats the time I sat off the alarm in the public toilet :)

Music playing truck

Care for some dessert?

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Life with Okasan, Matt and JJ

Okasan is the japanese word for mother (in this case homestay-mom)!

Noriko-san (my first, and best, hostmom)
Matt, Food and Jason (my two American hostbrothers for one week)
Okanomiaki (incorrect spelling, but it's soooo good! ;))
My room. As I said: Enough room for my suitcase, a chair and the futon bed ;)

A random, little street festival we ran into on our first weekend with Noriko
Street Festival video:

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Buddhist Temple

During our tour of the University grounds, I saw this temple in the distance.
We went to find it in the afternoon and had a great, little cultural moment.
At first they did not want to let us in. Then the two security people decided to give it a try and kept us in there for about half an hour. Sadly, I was not allowed to take pictures. They usually dont seem to have any foreign visitors, which would explain the confusion.

They had a long, colorful decorated shrine with a small buddha figurine. He was a lot smaller than the ones I saw in Thailand. We got to take part in a very personal chanting ceremony, which was wonderful.

Just one of those moments that you cannot plan to happen...


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