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Kimono Try-On

May I breathe?

sunny 16 °C

On Tuesday we went to a beauty salon downtown, where we got to try on Kimonos for about half an hour. It was a typical tourist event: Put it on, get your hair made, wear it for half an hour, take pictures and get back into your normal clothes. ;)
I liked it, but I might have suffocated if I had to wear mine any longer. The boys can put theirs on easily but the girls are being tied up around their upper body and waiste.

Stephanie photoshopped this one:


St. Thomas Group: Naomi, Stephanie, Trevor and I


Matt, Jason and I


A lot of people and group pictures:



We started being tired of smiling and standing in the same pose all the time. They must have confused Naomi and me a lot.


Comfortable? Nope!

Quite the effort:

Japanese Soap Opera (not sure what I am expressing though):

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Grand opening today :)

sunny 18 °C

Hello to everyone from Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia
(and Alexandra in Africa, although that counts for only a few more days)

I decided to keep this "blog" in English only. That way all of you can read it.

Sorry for making you wait so long. The last weeks were busy and for the first two I had no Internet connection. Today I had a day off so I managed to get all my pictures uploaded. Now I can hopefully start writing more detailed in here. This is not really much of a blog ... yet.

I won't rewrite my stories from the past weeks. Most of you have received some very detailed messages by now. So there is no real need to work on that. And I also need some time off for other things ;)

For example: Finishing that Thailand backpacking article for the Aquinian, which takes forever.

I know there are people waiting on a blog entry and pictures about my summer travels. So the plan is to finish the article for the Aquinian, publish it in here with some pictures and hopefully make everyone happy (including myself) :)

Anyways, you have a place to look at my pictures now and I hope you enjoy them.

Have a good day.


PS (typical Viola story): I went to Stephanie's home yesterday and managed to lose the cake I bought for her hostmom while taking this picture. When I went back to get it someone had already taken it. I hope the person is allergic to strawberries!


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Maruyama Mountain and Zoo

Sapporo Weekend activities

sunny 18 °C

Saturday I climbed Mount Maruyama with Stephanie and Naomi. I forgot to load my battery, so there should be some pictures from Stephanie coming up soon. It takes about half an hour to get to the top. Fairly steep at some points, but a nice walk. 33 Buddha and Shinto status mark the way.
Once you get up to the top you have a beautiful sight on Sapporo. That's when my camera turned off though. We sat on a rock for about an hour enjoying the landscape before we went back down. Stephanie discovered a little restaurant that serves pizzas. I went for a very good curry ;)

On one of the following weekends I like to go to one of the neighboring moutains (Mount Moiwa??). It has a white buddhist temple and supposingly the most beautiful nightview on Sapporo.




Sunday I met with Jason to go to Maruyama Zoo. It's located right next to Maruyama mountain (who would have guessed). We walked through the woods and discovered beautiful trees.


The Zoo itself is small. It has an amusement area that I need to go back to. I have not been on a rollercoaster in ages. A few months ago they had 2 newborn icebears which are still a huge attraction. But not as bad as the one we had in Germany. Now we are planning to head to the Zoo outside of town, which is the most famous one in Japan.



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