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Meat fest

rain 10 °C

Wow, I am delayed with my writing. Again! Sorry.

October 12th, 2009

I will never, ever … ever eat meat again!
At least not for the rest of this week.

Let me start with Sunday. I met Stephanie at Sapporo Factory (big shopping mall) to spent some time with Shiori and Yu, who were exchange students at STU last year. We had a big Chinese dumpling with pork filling and Sapporo ice cream. Apple Pie flavor! (They mix the Vanilla ice cream with fresh apples and pie.) Just wonderful.
The plan for the night was to go up Mount Moiwa to see Sapporo at night. Due to the rainy weather we met Naomi and Steph’s host mom to go out to eat instead.

First she took us to a flower exhibition:


Although I do appreciate some Ikebana that reminds me of the day Koko showed me one of her prize winning flower arrangments. My first thought was: Salad! ;)

At “Sapporo Bier Garten” (great German name, isn’t it). Steph’s host mom offered to take some of our costs for Genghis Khan (a huge platter of meat to grill at the table). We also had “tabehodai” and “nomihodai”. I figured: “Well, she’s inviting us. I should eat and drink as much as possible.”

Tabehodai = All you can eat. Nomihodai = All you can drink.

Naomi and I both drank 2 liters of Sapporo beer and altogether the 4 of us finished about 6 of those plates (Sorry to my vegetarian friends)!

I was not bursting. NO! I was dying. I had a headache and felt terrible altogether before I went to bed and the day after. It was far too much meat (The beer was not a problem although that was a lot, too ;) )
When I returned to Kirari the next day Naomi was already munching on cereal. No clue where the girl puts all that food.

So, here I am, tired and exhausted,... and then the Koreans ask us to go out for Soup Curry. I went for the socializing part. I ate. And now I really don’t want to even think or look at food anymore. Looking at these pictures is already painful to my brain and stomach.

Sigh! Anyways… as you can see I have nothing else to worry about for once.

Good night and good luck ;)




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...all over Sapporo

all seasons in one day

I took this picture the day I went out with my bike to find a story for Journalism and get my thoughts refreshed. I found my story under a bridge. The sound of a Klarinette draw me close and I watched an old man playing for an hour. In his pauses he stopped and talked to me about food, the instrument, his age and... more food. The front row of his teeth was broken away which made it hard for him to play for a long period. He offered to let me play but I can't and I did not feel inspired by the look of his yellow teeths either. :) He was a nice guy though and I enjoyed spending time with him.
I also understood some of the words he was saying and felt proud. Within one month I went from knowing nothing understanding simple sentences and catch on to words. It was a good day and I miss having more of these encounters. I long to get out and discover again. That afternoon I thought a lot about Thailand...

Anyways, Japan is very lonely sometimes and afternoons like this keep good spirits up when you need them:


These are the pictures from Stephanie that I meant to upload that day on top of Maruyama Mountain:

Stephanie tasting Japanese plum liquor (Umeshu). It is really sweet and yummy and costs only 100 (Y)en! Haha.

This is Kitara (キタラ) concert hall where Stephanie and I went to with my hostparents.
It is beautiful, but we were not allowed to take pictures (cough ;) ).


One of our evenings spent at the Autumn Festival in Odori Park. It is all food and in front of every stall salesmen are lined up yelling at you to buy from them. (Very loud!!) We decided to go for Indian food that night.

Early dawn from the balcony of my hostparents house. I does not quite catch the beauty but I shall get some more pictures soon:

Two more Engrish pictures. We could guess on what the first one is supposed to mean. My two favorite options are
a) War helps to give birth to the mysterious Nothing (or "No Thing", as the ancient shall call it)
b) Whoever is born in war does not help the Thing (you may fill in the blank for whatever the Thing might be)
Either way, the THING is very important and we shall all spent some time thinking about it! Righty right?
And this is for boring afternoons:

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Moved out

A quick note...

sunny 15 °C

I moved out of my hostfamily this Saturday.

This is not the right place to let out my frustration and I wrote enough long emails about my hostmoms ability to make people uncomfortable.

So let's just leave it at this. I am happier now.

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